Should I do my own bookkeeping or outsource to a professional bookkeeper?

A crucial decision often seems simple, but as you start navigating the options, you find yourself overwhelmed, consumed, and stressed. In the end, you feel unsure as to what is the best decision for your business.

Here some factors to consider:

  • If you have some knowledge of bookkeeping or accounting, doing your bookkeeping can save you money. However, keep in mind the following; time is a valuable resource, so consider the other things you could be focusing on, like developing and growing your business rather than maintaining your books. Once you factor that in, you may find that the costs of doing it yourself, it’s higher than if you would outsource.
  • Think of the benefits you will receive as a result of outsourcing your accounting to a professional bookkeeper:
  1. Accurately Bookkeeping
  2. Worry free, knowing your accounts will reconcile each month.
  3. Have a clear understanding as to:
    • Where is your money going?
    • How much money do you have to spend?
    • If your business profiting?
  4. Trusted advisor by your side
  5. Peace of mind

When making this critical decision, keep your business objectives in mind and take advantage of our free discovery call. We can assess your business and help you determine if you will be the right candidate for one of our bookkeeping customize services.  

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